Data Coordinating Center

The DCC facilitates scientific interaction between individual GRCs through the collection, organization and analysis of study data, especially with the use of common data structures, existing and novel analytic approaches, and testing of interrelated hypotheses. Additional functions of the DCC include enhancing communication, disseminating datasets and analyses, assuring security and patient confidentiality in a multi-user environment, and overseeing progress with defined objectives and quality control. The DCC also manages the biosamples and clinical phenotype repositories.

  • Principal Investigator: Judy H. Cho, MD, Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Icahn School of Medicine
  • Scientific Director: Ronald A. Thisted, PhD, Professor (Biostatistics); Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Chicago
  • Technical Director: Phil Schumm, MA, Sr. Biostatistician, Director, Research Computing Group; Assistant Director, Biostat Lab, University of Chicago
  • Project Administrator: Yashoda Sharma, PhD, Administrative Manager, Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Icahn School of Medicine
  • DCC Members: Robert Grossman, PhD, Chief Research Informatics Officer (CRIO); Director, Center in Data Intensive Science; Professor, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Chicago