Consortium Subcommittees

A central tenet of the IBDGC is to provide added value. We strive to do this by creating tools, adding weight to our collections and datasets, and engaging collaborators with varied expertise.

Researchers can become involved through membership on our working groups, applying for a pilot project with one of our Genetic Research Center PIs, or applying for an ancillary R01. If you are interested in participating on a working group please contact Yashoda Sharma . Additional details on the pilot and ancillary studies can be found under Research > Ancillary Studies.

Analytic Committee

Chair: Mark Daly, PhD (Broad/Harvard), Co-chair: Talin Haritunians, PhD (Cedars Sinai Medical Center)

The Analytic group serves as a forum for active, ongoing scientific exchange. Here junior investigators and analysts are invited to present pilot studies and gain insight with experimental and analytic plans, and develop these into funding applications.

Members (In addition to the DCC and Steering Committee):

Alka Potdar (Cedars) Boyko Kabakchiev (U Toronto) Chengrai Huang (Hopkins)
Dalin Li - Cedars Gabriel Hoffman (MSSM) Gabrielle Boucher (U Montreal)
Hailiang Huang (Broad) Inga Peter (MSSM) Jimmy Liu (NYGC)
Joe Pickrell (NYGC) Ke Hao (MSSSM) Kyle Gettler (Yale)
Manny Rivas (Broad) Matt Weirauch (CCHMC) Philippe Goyette (U Montreal)
Talat Bessissow (U Montreal) Uri Kopylov (U Montreal) Xiaofei Yan (Cedars)
Zhenqiu Liu (cedars)    

Clinical Translation

Chair: Dermot McGovern, MD (Cedars Sinai Medical Center)

The Clinical Translation group is charged with evaluating and validating the phenotype collection forms and phenotyping manual, and designing and evaluating clinical translational studies.

Members (In addition to the DCC and Steering Committee):

Alain Bitton (MUHC) David Binion (U Pittsburgh) Hillary Steinhart (U Toronto)
Jean-Paul Achkar (CCF) Joana Torres (MSSM) Jon Braun (UCLA)
Mark Lazarev (Hopkins) Subra Kugathasan (Emory) Talat Bessissow (U Montreal)

Pathology Committee

Chair: Thad Stappenbeck, MD PhD (Washington University)

The Pathology Committee is charged with evaluating and standardizing metrics by which disease activity is measured and incorporating these measures with other standard of care metrics.

Members (In addition to the DCC and Steering Committee):

Beatrice Knudsen (Cedars) Joana Torres (MSSM) Jon Braun (UCLA)
Jon M Davison (U Pittsburgh) Lysandra Voltaggio (MSSM) Mabel Ko (MSSM)
Noam Harpaz (MSSM) Robert Riddell (U Toronto)